British  Organic Pure Leaf Farm

About company

Organic Pure Leaf was established in 2019 when four like-minded people met and realised that they were all looking for an alternative and natural solution to their various wellness concerns. There had been a lot of hype surrounding CBD and its therapeutic potential so they decided to do some research on its effects.

Discovering that there were so much choice and product variety of various qualities, indistinguishable from one another made it hard to pick the right CBD oil for their needs. 

So, they decided to bring Simplicity to a category with this heritage of complexity and simplify the rising trend of vague CBD products. Renowned for its purity and easily distinguishable by its golden colour, with a clear consistency, free of any plant material Organic Pure Leaf Broad Spectrum CBD was born.

One of the turning points for Organic Pure Leaf came when it was championed by a medical Practioner from London’s Harley Street who recommended it to his patients that were interested in trying CBD, as a product of quality and choice that went on the show promising results to those whom he had recommended it too, Surpassing every expectation they had for the range, having initially started the company to just help their close friends and family.

Keeping the ethos of friends and family first, Organic Pure Leaf encourages anyone interested in trying their CBD products to get in touch and become part of the ever-expanding wellness family.